VEGETAL ETHNIC FOODS MARKET is Nigeria premier fruit & vegetable supply service, providing fruit & vegetables to catering companies, food outlets and other organizations in Lagos. Our fruits & vegetables are hand picked and packaged fresh from source.

At Vegetalfoods, we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy the individual needs and unique specifications of our clientele. Our product range has been developed to meet the needs of customers and is being continually adjusted with seasonal availability

Our friendly and committed staff have years of experience in hospitality industry and therefore recognize the significant pressures placed on busy house wives and kitchens. By acting as your eyes and ears in the market, we are able to advice on availability, seasonal price fluctuations and potential shortages. The aim is to inspire, not only the most creative chefs, but to also add value to the produce that is delivered to your kitchen.

Our goal is to make fresh and good quality farm produce purchase and supply convenient for you, your family and your business

To be the #1 supplier of clean, ready-to-use fruit and vegetables in Nigeria, with delivery services, retail outlets and production facilities operating at the highest international standards.

Target Market

For busy housewives and individuals/ Orders can be delivered to homes on Fridays to allow you the luxury of extra hours of sleep on Saturday Morning!

  • every delivery comes with fresh produce and our Newsletter
  • refer a friend and get a discount on your next delivery

For companies who desire to create an opportunity for a healthy workforce by providing fruits and vegetables to their employees.

These establishments are already over-burdened with tight schedules. Our service allows a convenient way to obtain fruit and vegetable supply. Our appreciation goes to our partner companies who believe in the value of high quality fresh produce and buy the safest food for their customers.

To provide high quality, nutritional, and flavorful fruits and vegetables for sale and consumption in Lagos

Save clients time, money and consistently provide the best selection of seasonal vegetables, fruits and produce.

To Achieve this, we:

  1. Take the burden of local purchase off already over-burdened
  2. Ensure that Goods supplied meet your standards
  3. Ensure accurate orders are supplied to reduce waste
  4. Advise on items in season and suitable substitutes in times of
  5. Reduce hours and workforce to sort and clean supplies